About Kalindi

Kalindi’s Message and Teachings

Kalindi’s basic teaching is that God’s love is for everyone. Her express purpose is to offer guidance and support to those seeking to end the cycle of birth and death and return Home to God, the Source, in this lifetime, at the natural time of their death. She teaches that there is no eternal hell, just birth after birth until you tire of this hellish material existence – at which time God will send assistance for you to walk away from illusory ways of being and come Home. At this time in history, there are an unusually large number of people who are ready to go Home.

Kalindi directs people to go within, open the emotional body, release pains and traumas to begin to open their hearts to God and His love. She teaches how to pray and to allow the heart to break fully into longing for union with the Lord; how to walk away from judgments, false beliefs and misconceptions that keep people trapped in illusory habitual ways of being. This process takes years, because the false self must die for the true being to manifest.

Kalindi speaks of God’s current-day Incarnation, Gourasana, “The Golden One.” She recognizes that He has come to the world accompanied by the Heavenly Host and is now being seen and felt all over the world by many people. The coming of this Incarnation – along with the Host – has brought special assistance into the world to help people transform at a very fast pace. A main part of this special assistance is a benevolent transformational energy to help the world in a great many ways; Kalindi’s own state of self-realization and her teachings are a direct result of this assistance.

The ultimate goal of the Incarnation is to bring more love and light for the world, while the express purpose is to offer the specific assistance needed for those ready to break the cycle of birth and death. Without the express purpose, the ultimate goal does not happen.

Kalindi’s instructions are a continuation of Gourasana’s teachings, which she has developed into a worldwide spiritual path of becoming freer and freer and closer to God each day; as well as guidance to help those who want to go Home to God in this lifetime. The Center of the Golden One® (Miracle of Love®), the non-profit organization that supports this path, was founded in 1991 by Gourasana and Kalindi. Kalindi created this path along with The Lady, who is her first disciple and a spiritual master in her own right.

There are also two offerings for the world at large that Kalindi has made available: a modern-day meditation practice, first taught by Gourasana, and seminars to help people heal and find the love of God within.

The Modern-Day Meditation®. practice, GMP® – Gourasana Meditation Practice®, was named after Gourasana because He developed it in its full form. Kalindi teaches that this meditation is the Meditation for This Age®. (“This Age” refers to the next 2,000 years.) This meditation can help one with spiritual aspirations, and also with finding solutions for the myriad of problems one encounters in day-to-day life in this modern world. As people practice this meditation and open up, information about every area of life come from beyond the limitations of the mind.

Kalindi has founded and developed several major seminars and other workshops that aid in current-day transformation. The seminars help people heal and find the love of God within. A profound connection can be made in these seminars that awakens one’s dormant love of God.

In addition, Kalindi has written a booklet on Emergency Preparedness, identifying practice steps to take, and encouraging everyone to be in action now so they will have what they need when disaster hits.

Kalindi encourages everyone, whatever their path or religion, to begin serious prayer for fast spiritual transformation, because the world is in need of people who live in God’s pure respect, love and care for everyone.


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