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Six Enlightened Masters of the 20th Century – Part III: Bagwan Rajneesh (Osho)

Osho In 1991, I moved to Marin County, California, ‘sannyas’ *capitol of the West Coast  At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about Rajneesh except that he was the guru with all the Rolls Royces. I didn’t pay much attention to stories about Rajneesh until I ended up with a broken back (a whole other story […]

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Christoph and me at our wedding (January 2, 2006)

Illusory Love

Illusory love binds you, The Love of God frees you.* Kalindi La Gourasana “Illusory Love” is the first post of my third blog series. Illusory love has been one of the greatest illusions (i.e., the most prevalent and apparent) I have had to deal with on my path. I had no idea how prevalent this […]

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