Dr. Vince Roger on Conscious Departure

Dr. Vince Roger wrote a program about conscious departure in 2006 for a congregation of over 200 people. This program helped those of us in the congregation think about and write down the details of our end-of-life plan, including creating a will, a financial plan, an advanced directive for health-care decisions and good-bye letters to family and friends.

Dr. Roger and I will be putting together an on-line course and workbook about the material and spiritual aspects of conscious departure sometime later this year. The program is designed for anyone interested in leaving behind a clear plan – in writing – of all end-of-life issues so there are is nothing for your loved ones to have to figure out.

Please listen to the interview with Dr. Roger below to find out what conscious departure is and how you can begin making your transition plan.

Vince Roger Interview-4-6-13

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