Enlightened Spiritual Masters of the 21st Century

Who Are The Enlightened Spiritual Masters of the 21st Century?

I left off with my last post saying  I would blog next about the Spiritual Masters of the Twenty-first Century. Lo and behold, I had trouble finding out who they are outside of my own spiritual masters: Lord Gourasana, Kalindi La Gourasana and The Lady. I started to wonder if there was any clarity or consensus  about what defines an “Enlightened Spiritual Master,” so I decided to extend my research and poll my readers and the readers of several of my friends and colleagues who might be able to answer this question.

The survey will be released in the next few days.  Please start to think about who you would call a current-day enlightened spiritual master and why you would call them that – that is, what criteria would you use?

I also realized that I want to recreate my blog and make it more alive and interactive for everyone, including myself. As a result, I came up with the idea to rename my blog:

What Are the People Saying . . . Spiritually Speaking?

Tonight, I think I hit the jackpot in my research. I came across several authors who directly addressed the topic. I will share my findings with you over the next weeks and months.

Please send me any articles or books you come across about modern-day spiritual masters. I, for one, can’t wait to find out who YOU think they are.


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