Does “True Love” Exist?

No Person is the Source of Your Love

While many claim that they are seeking their one “true love,” what they are talking about is ‘illusory love,’ a temporary love that is often fraught with fear of losing the beloved. This promise of everlasting love between two people is a trap that keeps most people from ever experiencing the True Love, that is the Love of God. It is the “happily-ever-after dream” that is a transient and often exclusive version of love that so many people hope beyond all hope will last forever. That love is one of the greatest pitfalls on a spiritual path to ultimate freedom or union with God. For full union with God to happen, illusory love must be given up completely. 

On her talk “The Trap of Illusory Love from The Bottom Line Tape Series, Kalindi makes the following points:

  • Breaking exclusivity with your partner is only “one half of the pie.”
  • The biggest weapon is the illusion making you think that another person is the source of your true pleasure.
  • As soon as you fall “in love,” you fall “in attachment.” As a result, your heart turns away from God, and you don’t even realize it.
  • There is nothing wrong with engaging in love and sex with another human being. Just be aware from the get-go that it is easy to become trapped by the feelings that illusory love bring you.
  • Illusory love will never satisfy your soul. It is not the love of God; it is a pleasure of this world to be enjoyed fully without guilt or denial.
  • Only God within is the source of True Love without bondage or attachment.

I have had vast experience with illusory love and can say with certainty that it has been one of the hardest illusions for me to recognize and give up, especially when it comes to the love I share with my daughter. I never felt bad or guilty about the feeling of pleasure and love derived from my interactions with men, but at some point in my transformation, I recognized the barrier that illusory love became in my endeavor to find union with God.

How does one get to the other side of that illusory love barrier?

Please listen to the following two-minute talk of my exploration on this topic based on my own experience of ‘illusory love’ vs. the Love of God. (Forgive the background sounds on this talk. It was recorded as I was walking by a river near where I live.)

Karen Tenney – “Beyond Illusory Love” (2011).

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