Health Update 2-17-13


February 17, 2013

Dear friends and family, I regret to inform you that after a year and a half of remission from brain cancer, I discovered a fast-growing carcinoma in my right breast. Because I caught it early, it had not yet spread to my lymph nodes. I had two biopsies with the final one resulting in the removal of the malignant tissue. I was given several follow-up options by the surgeons and a doctor friend of mine.

Unfortunately, I cannot undergo any more radiation because the effects were too devastating to my immune system, my balance, and my short-term memory. A mastectomy was recommended as the “safest” treatment for breast cancer in my case and the only one that would eliminate any possibility of having the malignancy show up elsewhere in one of my breasts.

I decided to have a double mastectomy with reconstruction (including 3-D nipples and some really beautiful tattooing to cover the scars). It will take at least 5 months with expanders before I can have my final implants put in and tattoos applied.

The surgery will be on Wednesday, February 27th at Lutheran Hospital in Denver. I’ll probably stay over two nights and then return home.

Your prayers and cards are welcome (please no phone calls for the first week). My address is:

                                             601 16th Street, Suite C-302, Golden, CO 80401

I’m happy to say I’m in good spirits and have no hesitation about the surgery. As always, the spiritual benefits of my poor health condition outweigh the physical difficulties and discomfort I have to endure.

Much love to you all, Karen







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  1. mary O February 18, 2013 at 6:43 am #

    Dear Karen –

    I am sorry that you are having to deal with another cancer bout. My prayers are with you.
    It sounds like you are courageously and fearlessly confronting your situation – which is very inspiring!

    Lots of love to you Karen!


    • Karen Tenney February 18, 2013 at 11:46 pm #

      Dear Mary,

      Poor health has been spiritually expanding me but I must admit I’m sick of feeling sick.
      Than you for your prayers and love,


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