Health Update – Part II: 9-14-13

Health and a New Kind of Hope

I hear from practically everyone I meet how good I look, how radiant and healthy my skin tone is (as opposed to that ghastly grey pallor  that took over my face during chemo and radiation). Now, with my doctors’ seal of approval on my good health and health habits, I have found a new kind of hope.  My new hope is that I never forget what happened to me by facing my death consciously and that it continue to catapult me forward spiritually so that I can break free “at the soonest possible moment” (an expression The Lady used to say to us during her Intensives.)

I am focused on breaking free with the knowledge that having a serious illness has given me.  I live in a ‘no -time-to waste’ consciousness which allows me to move very quickly through any issue, complaint, blame, judgment, negative thought or discouragement I might encounter. Whatever God has had to take from me in the way of enjoying good health in the past ten years He has given back to me in spades. Every meditation I do now is, in one way or another, a gratitude meditation for what I have received from God in His special mercy.

With this kind of hope – hope in God and His Knowledge of what He needs to do  to break me free – I am entering a whole new era of my transformation. I would describe this era as one of absolute surrender . I have nowhere else to go  and, most important of all, I WANT to go now. So much of the fear I’ve carried with me all my life (as the adult child of an alcoholic) is gone about what I might have to give up. I have practically given everything up already and my separate will is only hanging on by a thread. I’m begging The Lord every day to cut those remaining threads that tether me to this insane place where every different kind of suffering (followed by death) awaits us. “Please take me Home now, My Lord!”

Breaking Free

This is the name of my first guest appearance on Blogtalk Radio tomorrow night . I will be a guest on Elaine Crocker”s show EXPERIENCE – STRENGTH – HOPE Sunday, September 15th at 5:00 pm GMT ( 7:00 pm EST). You can listen to the show live via the following link:

Once you are tuned in to Elaine’s station, you will be able to ask me any questions you have by calling into the studio at 646-595-4996 I can’t wait to interact with you tomorrow night. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the live show, I will post the recording on my blog and on Facebook  next Wednesday.

Centre Salons’ Sixth Annual Lingerie Fashion Show

Three years ago, just after I had started treatment for my brain tumor, Kaya and I attended an auction and fashion show benefit for  breast cancer survivors at our favorite hair salon in Arvada. We really enjoyed watching all these courageous women and their families parading down the runway in beautiful lingerie, all beaming with pride that they had made it over whatever their next health hurdle happened to be.

This year, I will also walk down that runway with Kaya beside me on Saturday, October 13th at the Centre Salons’ Benefit for Cancer Research.Kaya at Aveda Salon 8-24-13

Please come and enjoy the food, the entertainment and the excitement of seeing the women (and men for the first time this year) at this event. (Buy Tickets)

Virtual Book Tour

This month, I will be launching a virtual book tour and will keep you posted as to where and how you and your circle of friends can follow me. There will be a treasure chest of surprises along the way.

Karen’s  Treasure Chest



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