This book is about my spiritual journey. It tells of my early life and how I learned to cope and make do. I was one of those children who cried on the inside while presenting a bold face to the world that hid my true feelings of unhappiness and longing. The reason for the unhappiness was easy to trace through my life. The longing was a mystery. I longed for something; I just didn’t know what.

This story is about what happened when my life changed during a single nine-day period. It tells of my being drawn onto a spiritual path that I couldn’t understand even as I rejoiced in the feelings it brought me. In these pages, I will share how I met Kalindi La Gourasana and she became my spiritual master. Kalindi was the first disciple of Lord Gourasana, “The Golden One,” a current-day Incarnation of God.[1]

In this book, ‘breaking free from the cycle of birth and death,’[2] Enlightenment, ‘coming Home,’ ‘returning to Source,’ and ‘ultimate freedom’ are synonymous terms that speak to the soul transcending material form and connecting to Spirit, never again to reincarnate. No rebirth. No more suffering and death. Kalindi claimed that, at this time in human evolution, those who are ready to take this leap in consciousness can return to Source, and in this transformation, bring more of God’s love and light into this world for everyone.


[1] According to Gourasana, “an Incarnation means all the love of God and all the power of God is coming in, and the only thing that can be received is love.” Gourasana, The Radical Path Home to God, Miracleof Love, First Edition, 2008 (p. xii). Other Incarnations before Gourasana include Jesus, Buddha and Krishna.
Reincarnation is the belief that the soul, upon the death of the body, returns to earth in another body. Not everyone believes in reincarnation. This belief is not necessary to receive benefit from these teachings and practices.