Kalindi’s Magic


I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to spend so much one-on-one time with Kalindi from the very beginning. She invited me to many “think tanks,” or business meetings, where we discussed different areas of the Mission. I spent time with her in San Diego, Maui, Mill Valley, Arizona, Colorado Springs and Denver – practically everywhere she ever lived. I got to go on shopping excursions with her when she went to the open-air markets in Maui and to Long’s Drugs where we spent hours going through make-up, nail kits and first-aid supplies to find the right items to be given to her disciples.

She wanted the men and the women to always be dressed nicely and have what we needed – nothing more, nothing less.

For me, Kalindi’s greatest quality was her giving. She never stopped giving. I’ll never forget our outings to Sports Authority on Maui where a group of us would arrive just before the store closed and she told us to quickly go and find enough workout clothes to put in our drawers and in our travel bags. She instructed us to get at least two of everything so we would never be without.

She spent years finding the right household products, the right bags (purses and travel bags), the right cosmetics, the right pencil, clipboard and wallet.  There was very little in our lives that Kalindi didn’t figure out for us so that we would be prepared for whatever came our way. Everything was elegant and classy, like our Mont Blanc pencils and wallets, the sweat outfits she wanted us to travel in and the Kipling bags she had us buy.

Every time I was with Kalindi, she gave me something – a beautiful, white bathing suit from Tommy Bahamas, a scarf, exercise pants, hats, jewelry, a ring or a flower. It was no different for her other disciples and for the children.Whenever Kalindi was with the children, she gave them a gift to remember her by.

To this day, I have many of the things Kalindi gave me 10 or more years ago. I cherish the memories of all my years with Kalindi, by her side.






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