On Breaking Free – Kalindi

Kalindi La Gourasana                 1996

Kalindi La Gourasana



“I’m here to take you Home.”




The Break Free Message“*

Spiritual guidance changes according to time, according to humankind’s evolution. The guidance that I am bringing now is what humankind needs for what is going on right now in evolution; it is for people who are ready in their evolution . . to go Home, whether it is in this lifetime, or three or four or five or six lifetimes, my Break-Free Message is the guidance that needs to be heard. It needs to be heard in its entirety by [i.e. from] a spiritual master who has the power and special assistance coming in from God that can help people break free.


*Kalindi’s teachings are a continuation of Gourasana’s teachings, which she has developed into a worldwide spiritual path of becoming freer and freer and closer to God each day; as well as guidance to help those who want to go Home to God in this lifetime. The Center of the Golden One® (Miracle of Love®), the non-profit organization that supports this path, was founded in 1991 by Gourasana and Kalindi. Kalindi created this path along with The Lady, who is her first disciple and a spiritual master in her own right.


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