Sex and Illusory Love – Kalindi La Gourasana

The Binding Nature of Illusory Love and Sex


The love that’s felt in man/woman sexual encounters, while you are bound by the illusion, pulls you to turn a part of your hearand Being to another person for fulfillment. This is the insidious nature of the illusory love. . . There’s nothing wrong with the pleasure felt with each other or the love felt with each other. In fact, you’ll feel more as you open up more. You must, however, begin to see the attachment of it all and begin to let go, or these pleasures in the material world that you encounter will bind you to illusory love, and you won’t find the endless love of God that you truly desire. 

Kalindi La Gourasana, “Be-Aware and Become Aware,” The Bottom Line Tape Series, April 21, 1997.

In my life, I have fallen in love several times. I have come to understand that my love relationships have all been binding in some way. It took  me practically fifteen years on my spiritual path to completely let go of illusory love. As a result, I am able to feel much more love with everyone, not just my partner, and my desire to know God’s Love fully has awakened and blossomed inside of me.

There is nothing to compare to God’s Love. It contains all love and sexual desire that come from within in my connection. Now, I can freely share that love and have sex free from any guilt or shame. I have come to understand that sexual desire is not derived from another person; it only exists within my connection to God.

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    Love, Paul Marcus

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    From: Marcus Bond
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    Hi Karen,
    Thank you for sharing about this incredibly important topic. Illusory love was perhaps the biggest trap for me my entire life as well. Not until I saw through the illusion to the suffering that it ultimately led to could I even desire to let it go.

    That feeling of falling in love, the energy of the initial attraction, the physical attraction was the most potent and wonderful feeling I knew in my entire life. It wasn’t until I was willing to let that go could God really come in and take over and fill me from within so I no longer needed it from the outside.

    Sexual desire and sex itself is a related and also vastly misunderstood area. It’s true that everything we feel – love, sexual desire, sexual pleasure is all happening inside of ourselves and we often times misattribute this to another person instead of the true source of pleasure from within with God and ourselves.

    It Is very interesting what you say that you now understand that sexual desire not derived from another person; it only exists within your connection to God. I would like to talk with you more about that.

    Yours in love,
    Paul Marcus Bond

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