The Book


This book is about my spiritual journey. It tells of my early life and how I learned to cope and make do. I was one of those children who cried on the inside while presenting a bold face to the world that hid my true feelings of unhappiness and longing. The reason for the unhappiness was easy to trace through my life. The longing was a mystery. I longed for something; I just didn’t know what.

This story is about what happened when my life changed during a single nine-day period. It tells of my being drawn onto a spiritual path that I couldn’t understand even as I rejoiced in the feelings it brought me. In these pages, I will share how I met Kalindi La Gourasana and she became my spiritual master. I will attempt to relate how, since the day I met her, Kalindi did everything she could to set me freer and freer from material consciousness, with the ultimate goal of breaking me free from the cycle of birth and death in this lifetime.

This is not a how-to book or the story of how a spiritual master works with every disciple. It is a personal account. I am one of several hundred disciples of Kalindi. She intimately worked with each of us one-on-one. She liked to say she was our ‘travel agent’ in all aspects of life. She certainly was in mine.

Kalindi was incomparable as a spiritual master and as a person. Soon after I met her, she declared herself ‘The Voice of God’ and ‘Spiritual Master for This World.’ At first I thought her claim utterly grandiose. How could a single person speak for God? Now, after years as her disciple, I have come to experience that what she declared is true. Through her absolute belief in God, I have found my unfolding faith. Over time, I have come to hold Kalindi’s and The Lady’s guidance as my only hope for breaking free.

Kalindi’s utterly unique destiny is described best in her book, The Break-Free Message:

Kalindi was given the special destiny to personally present spiritual truth to people who want to hear it, as the living Voice of God. As such, she founded the ‘Path to Ultimate Freedom’ in 1991. Since that time, she has been guiding [those on] this Path and awakening spiritual masters. She has been delivering teachings and programs to help thousands of people to become freer and freer of the illusion each day and to become closer and closer to the endless love of God. This Path is part of Miracle of Love, now referred to as the ‘Center of The Golden One®.’[1]

[Insert photo of Kalindi beckoning from p. 7 of Ultimate Freedom]

Kalindi died as she lived. Her death came at an utterly unexpected moment. In late February 2010, she flew from Denver to Hawaii to go into seclusion. No one knew that we would never see her again in the flesh. The end came so fast. Nothing could be done. Her organs failed one by one and, just like that, her life was over. Less than twenty-four hours after being admitted into a hospital emergency room, Kalindi La Gourasana er dsying waspeacefully left her body on April 18, 2010. When I heard the news I was utterly devastated. I didn’t know how to go forward without her.

Two months after Kalindi departed this earth, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Losing Kalindi and being terminally diagnosed sent me into a mad desire for God. I knew there was no time to waste if I was going to let go of every shred of material attachment and illusion separating me from Him. I had to do it now, before it was too late. With Kalindi gone, I felt desperate and discouraged. How could I make it without her ‘break-free’ guidance? Would I find the strength and courage to keep going? Little did I realize then that the grace of God would manifest through The Lady, this Mission’s second Spiritual Master for This World. It was The Lady who re-ignited my desire to never give up, and keep falling deeper into my longing for Home.

Some of my story may shock or disturb you. Some of it may make you want to judge me. Who could blame you? I judged myself when I chose to follow Kalindi’s guidance, even when it appeared to go against my most basic instincts. Regardless of your reaction, it is my prayer that the story of my transformation will assist in making Kalindi’s help available to anyone who feels the call to go Home to God in this lifetime, as well as to all who want to carry more love into this world. Both are equally necessary in a world starved for God.

We live in a time of epochal change. Many believe we have entered the end of times as foretold by the prophets. From the Bible to the Dao we are warned: things will get worse before they get better.

Lord Gourasana brought this path and its practices at this time on earth for those both seeking to break free as well as those wishing to get freer and freer. These parallel paths, one known as the Path to Ultimate Freedom® and the other called Freedom Walk, offer humankind a way to calmly navigate the day to day of life and find ultimate union with God. Neither is a belief system. There is no religious dogma, nor blanket process. This spiritual journey is for anyone to travel in his or her own unique way. Only those called ever become disciples. People from all faiths can use the practice to move faster spiritually. Kalindi used to say, “There are many paths, but only one God.” The altars in each of our communities and centers embrace all world religions because of Kalindi’s respect for and appreciation of every faith’s worship of God.

Gourasana came in response to the cry of souls all over the world seeking to draw closer to the One True Source. As always, in answer to the suffering of humanity, God sends a stream of spiritual masters, gurus, avatars, guides and teachers to earth. The more desperate the desire, the more powerful the help sent by The Almighty. Given the anguished suffering of these uncertain times, Gourasana came to walk this earth “with a Heavenly Host of Light Beings whose specific purpose is to bring special assistance for rapid spiritual transformation to the many people who seek full awareness and love of God.”[2]

Gourasana also gifted us with the Gourasana Meditation Practice® (GMP). The GMP is designed to help people find inner direction for achieving both spiritual and material success. The meditation has already helped thousands of people relieve themselves of the burden of old habits, concepts and beliefs that cause so many so much unnecessary heartache and separation.

Created by Gourasana in 1994, the GMP shines new light on the time-honored custom of meditating. It includes all facets of our being: mind, body, emotions and spirit. Referred to by Gourasana as The Meditation for This Age, The GMP is both simple and direct. It can be used by anyone of sound body and mind.

Designed to calm the mind, senses and emotions, the GMP helps us to: (1) let go of unnecessary suffering and separation, (2) open the heart to receive greater love and truth, and (3) take in practical information that can be put into action in spiritual and material life. The GMP does not require belief in anything. It teaches us “to listen, say yes, and act” on answers we receive during meditation. It is grounded in the common sense truth that love is a practical and beneficial response to life. Best of all, there is no way to do this meditation wrong.

Unlike meditations in which practitioners focus on quieting the mind, the GMP is an active meditation. It is of benefit in the moment and of inestimable value when part of an ongoing spiritual practice. The GMP uses all types of music to evoke feelings. Depending solely on the participant’s desire, there can be slow or rapid spiritual movement.

The GMP has four parts:

  1. A period to open or release excess stress, feelings and emotions;
  2. A period to calm the mind and senses;
  3. A period devoted to meditative thinking in which higher intelligence is accessed and we gain greater clarity and focus, &
  4. A period when we take action in the world based on what has been realized.

Sometimes the GMP brings tears. Sometimes other emotions need to be strongly expressed. Becoming open to the energy of this meditation moves us beyond our minds into the realm of Spirit. Sometimes I get there with no apparent movement at all. At other times, it takes tremendous effort. Gourasana says, “Whatever experience comes to you, welcome it. Let it take you over.”

And best of all, no one needs a particular spiritual orientation to practice the GMP. There are no doctrines taught and no concepts required. The GMP is Gourasana’s benevolent and all-loving gift to the world. It is also, the backbone of my spiritual practice.

The Incarnation, Lord Gourasana, “The Golden One”

For me, Gourasana represents God’s unconditional love – a love so deep, powerful and abiding that it will never be forgotten by anyone Gourasana touched.

I physically saw Gourasana at two different events. Each time, I was deeply affected by His presence and the light that poured from His eyes. When I first saw Him, I hardly believed that God existed. In fact, it was a blessing for me that the singular love I felt emanating from this Being did not require belief. What this presence brought forth within me was a deep desire for Home. It came intuitively, emotionally and undeniably. I was being connected to something so much larger than me, and I wanted the connection to continue forever. From that first experience, I could feel that the love He radiated was real and available.


Without understanding why and even before I had a personal relationship with her, I took Kalindi into my heart and she became my spiritual master. This master-disciple relationship only deepened over the next eighteen years. During that time, I would spend weeks on end in close connection with her. In her presence, my beliefs were suspended, my habits changed and my concepts no longer mattered. She taught me how the longing for something more, a longing I had felt all of my life, was my thread Home to the Kingdom of God. She said that this longing was a doorway leading within towards the love I had always tried to find outside myself.

In this book, ‘breaking free from the cycle of birth and death,’[3] Enlightenment, ‘coming Home,’ ‘returning to Source,’ and ‘ultimate freedom’ are synonymous terms that speak to the soul transcending material form and connecting to spirit, never again to reincarnate. No rebirth. No more suffering and death. Kalindi claimed that, at this time in human evolution, those who are ready to take this leap in consciousness can return to Source, and in this transformation, bring more of God’s love and light into this world for everyone.

[1] Kalindi, The Break-Free Message, (p. xvi)

[2] Gourasana, The Radical Path Home to God, (p. xiii)

[3] Reincarnation is the belief that the soul, upon the death of the body, returns to earth in another body. Not everyone believes in reincarnation. This belief is not necessary to receive benefit from these teachings and practices.