The Dream Has Ceased – Prayers from The Lady

The Lady, Kalindi’s First Disciple

"The Lady disciple"

This is the beginning of a new series about a master-disciple relationship, namely mine. I’m thrilled to start this blog series with a prayer from The Lady, Kalindi’s first disciple and ‘Master for The World.’ She is one of the two Spiritual Masters that Lord Gourasana, “The Golden One,” a modern-day Incarnation of God[1], imbued with His energy, power and presence needed to break people free from material bondage.

Gourasana came in response to the cry of souls all over the world seeking to draw closer to the One True Source. As always, in answer to the suffering of humanity, God sends a stream of spiritual masters, gurus, avatars, guides and teachers to earth. The more desperate the desire, the more powerful the help sent by The Almighty. Given the anguished suffering of these uncertain times, Gourasana came to walk this earth “with a Heavenly Host of Light Beings whose specific purpose is to bring special assistance for rapid spiritual transformation to the many people who seek full awareness and love of God.”[2]

Since Kalindi’s departure in 2010, The Lady has taken on the monumental task of helping Kalindi’s disciples come all the way Home, no rebirth. Alongside Kalindi, The Lady is my Spiritual Master and the one guiding Kalindi’s “100+” disciples worldwide on our path to ultimate freedom, union with God.

From my own experience, guidance from a fully-awake and -aware master is essential to be able to see the illusions binding us and give the necessary guidance to free us from them. It is possible to go Home in this lifetime, and Kalindi and The Lady are leading the way at this time in human history. Other masters have broken a few people free, but never to the magnitude that is happening now on the planet.

[1] “According to Gourasana, ‘an incarnation means all the love of God and all the power of God is coming in, and the only thing that can be received is love.’ Gourasana, The Radical Path Home to God, Miracle of Love, First Edition, 2008 (p. xii). Other incarnations before Gourasana include Jesus, Buddha and Krishna.” From A Mad Desire for God, 2012 (p. IX).

[2] Gourasana, The Radical Path Home to God, Miracle of Love, 2008 (p. xiii).

“The Dream Has Ceased”

The Lady’s prayers have always guided me to my love for and devotion to God and to Kalindi La Gourasana. Please listen to her talk “The Dream Has Ceased” by clicking twice on the link below. The whole album of her prayers titled The Lady: Home Coming – Prayers of Ultimate Surrender always evokes the deepest devotion in me every time I hear it. No matter what your religion or faith is, you can be inspired by The Lady who Kalindi said is here to “teach the world how to pray.” The Lady’s role has far surpassed this statement from Kalindi. Today, The Lady stands as the Master Minister for the Center of The Golden One, ensuring that the teachings are kept pure and intact for the next 2,000 years.

The Lady – “The Dream Has Ceased


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