Two Interviews With My *’Wise Child’

My daughter, *Kaya (which translates to “wise child” in Hopi), has been by my side through all stages of  brain cancer – from my diagnosis in June 2010 through many different traditional and not-so-traditional treatments and lifestyle changes (like eating macrobiotic) to an almost full recovery.Kaya Snowshoeing 6-1-2011

Now, two-and-a-half years after what seems like a miraculous recovery from an inoperable Stage III brain tumor, I received a second cancer diagnosis completely unrelated to the first.

“What the bleep is God doing with me now?” I screamed. “How could this be happening again?”

It took me completely off-guard when I found out from my doctor last Thursday that I have a fast-growing carcinoma in my right breast.  Although it was fast-growing, early detection made it a Stage I (of IV) in terms of the size of the tumor and how far the cancer had migrated. My doctor told me she took out all the cancerous tissue she could find during the biopsy, but that there is much left to decide. I learned of the many options to consider over the next few weeks as to what my best long-term treatment choice will be.

I interviewed my daughter twice during my illness. Below are those two interviews.

First Interview: Kaya at 10-Years Old

The first interview was done on July 1, 2011, almost exactly a year after I was diagnosed with brain cancer.

If you double-click on the links below, and then click once more on the title in green, you can listen to what Kaya had to say about the effect my illness has had on her.

Kaya on Facing Mom’s Death 7-1-11

Second Interview: Kaya at 12-Years Old

Kaya with Bella 2-11-2013

The link below will take you to a recording of Kaya speaking about my most recent diagnosis of breast cancer.

Kaya and Karen 2-10-2013

A Child’s Love Matters

Through it all, I have learned how important a child’s love is in my desire to stay alive  to fulfill a destiny that includes my being the mother of this incredibly wise child.

I welcome your feedback and hope you enjoyed listening to the interviews.

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